Russ McRee

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Russ McRee

Russ McRee is an American senior security analyst, researcher, and founder of, where he advocates a holistic approach to the practice of information assurance. is dedicated to sharing information security content and resources in an open, clear manner, with the hope of helping improve infosec for all who seek to do so. He is currently the manager of Microsoft Online Service’s Security Incident Management team, Russ is a frequent speaker at industry events or conferences like DEFCON, RSA, FIRST and RAID. He writes toolsmith, a monthly column for the ISSA Journal, and has written for numerous other publications including Information Security, (IN)SECURE, SysAdmin, Linux Magazine, and OWASP.


IBM's ISS X-Force cited him as the 6th ranked Top Vulnerability Discoverers of 2009.

Handler at Internet Storm Center (ISC)

PVT at Washington State Guard

Former Network Systems Administrator at Seattle Police Department