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Jerome T. Heckenkamp

Jerome Heckenkamp (born on October 28, 1979 and passed away on Tuesday, March 8, 2016) was an Australian-American hacker. After completing his education at a young age, he worked as a computer network engineer. He was later convicted of hacking attacks on several prominent corporations and universities.

He was accused of hacking into the networks of multiple corporations, including Qualcomm, Juniper Networks, E-Trade, eBay, Lycos, and others. According to victim testimony, these attacks caused tens of thousands of dollars' damage. In December 1999 a UNIX system administrator at Qualcomm noticed the attacks to computers in their external DMZ and from their externally accessible SSH gateway host, Qualcomm notified the FBI and began to track the attacks through several network hops, several days later they contacted the University of Wisconsin, where the originating attacks had been launched from. During their own investigation, University of Wisconsin system administrators then noticed that the connections had come from a University mail server, then using their own NetFlow logs, they tracked the packets to an IP registered to one of the dorms. Allegedly, the IP responsible for the attacks was assigned to a second computer in Heckenkamp's dorm room. Having previously worked at the university's computer help desk, Heckenkamp had significant knowledge of the university networks. Although law enforcement had requested that they delay action, system administrators hacked into Heckenkamp's computer and gathered further evidence against him, citing the emergency threat to the university network after Heckenkamp gained root access to their servers. Although Heckenkamp challenged the evidence gained through the search of his computer as an invasion of privacy, the legality of the university's actions was upheld on appeal.

Age 36, of Pewaukee, WI, he passed away peacefully Tuesday, March 8 2016 in his home after battling complicated chronic health issues.


Convicted of hacking Qualcomm, Juniper Networks, E-Trade, eBay, Lycos, and others.

Claimed another hacker launched the attacks from his computer


The attacks were actually conducted by sn4ggl3