Sam Chihlung Yin

IRL Name: 
Sam Chihlung Yin

Sam Chihlung Yin was fired after purchasing more than $100,000 worth of Gucci goods with his employee discount, of note being that a year prior to his termination he setup a fake employee account. A forensics investigation found that after he left the job, he called the company's IT department posing as the fake employee to get his former co-workers to activate the fob, and from there he used that access to delete servers, destroy storage set-ups ,and wipe employee mailboxes -- essentially cutting off employee access to files and email across the U.S. for nearly an entire business day. For his actions, he was sentenced to two to six years in prison.


He also completely wiped the email server, deleting everything in the company's e-mail mailboxes -- in many cases permanently.

Dubbed as the Gucci hacker.

The damage done by him has been estimated at $200,000.