Sc0rpion, Capitan Alex, Skorpian, Y4sh4r

IRL Name: 
Yashar Shahinzadeh

Yashar Shahinzadeh a.k.a Sc0rpion is the creator of the Sc0rpion / Yashar Shahinzadeh Online Admin Page Finder which can be found here. He doesn't like to use his handle Sc0rpion anymore however you can trace him in some Iranian hacking forums by using the 'Sc0rpion' keyword.
Linked with Iranian hacking circles such as ITSec Team & Emperor Hacking Team, many people have asked him for help or given him shout outs, but apparently he's been 0wned as well.


He maintains a security blog which can be found here.

His website was defaced twice by Afghan Exploiters Team and DevilZ TM.


He is part of Operation Ababil