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Alexander Peslyak

Alexander Peslyak was born on 1977 in Russia. He is a computer security specialist and the Founder & CTO of the Openwall Project. He is best known for his publications on exploitation techniques, including the return-to-libc attack and the first generic heap-based buffer overflow exploitation technique, as well as computer security protection techniques such as privilege separation for daemon processes. He is also the author of John The Ripper and other Linux kernel hardening patches.


Author of a portable, fast, and free implementation of the MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm (RFC 1321).

Advisory board member at oCERT (Open Source Computer Emergency Response Team) and co-Founder at oss-security.

Information security consultant at DataForce ISP

He received the 2009 "Lifetime Achievement Award" during the annual Pwnie Award at the Black Hat Security Conference.