Space Rogue

IRL Name: 
Christopher Thompson

Joined L0pht shortly after it's inception and remained a member even after it's merger with @stake until being fired on June 30th, 2000. Also ran the Hacker News Network during his time in L0pht. He has also appeared on such TV shows as News Hour with Jim Lehrer, CNN Nightly News, ABC News Online with Sam Donaldson, and others.


Along with the rest of L0pht, testified before Congress on May 19th, 1998 that they could shut down the internet in 30 minutes.

Currently a Threat Intelligence Manager for Trustwave SpiderLabs.

Was a Sergeant in the US Army

He said that the SOLDIERX HDB is extremely old, outdated and mostly wrong. (Now this is an update)


Hates the fact that the Army's bootcamp got turned into a boy scout camp!

Expert in prison hooch.