IRL Name: 
Scott Jeffrey Ellentuch

Tuc started out in the BBS world in July 1980 when he first got his modem, a Novation Acoustic. In August of 1981, Connection-80 of Stony Point, his first
bulletin board, was launched into the BBS world. It started on a TRS-80 Model I, Epson MX-80 printer, 2 single density disk drives, a Novation Acoustic
modem, and a home built auto-answer module. At the time, he didn't even know what phreaking was, so it was a general public board. A software switch to RACS III occurred on January 10, 1982, running until January 10, 1985. The hard drive arrived a few months ago to build it to the board that it currently is.

Members of the elite world which he has met include King Blotto, Lex Luthor, Dr. Who, Crimson Death, The Videosmith, Jester Sluggo, The Sprinter, Mark
Tabas, BIOC Agent 003, Agrajag, Telenet Bob, Big Brother, Cheshire Catalyst, Egyptian Lover, Magnetic Surfer, Paul Muad'Dib, Lord Digital, Sir Knight, 2600
Editor (Emanuelle Goldstein [sp.]), Susan Thunder, Modem Rider, Sharp Razor, Hertz Tone, The Flying Avocado, and The Ace.

His phreak experience began in March of 1982 through the new board's software having a section called "Phreak-80". People started calling and paying attention to it, including one caller by the name of Susan Thunder, which is how he personally began to phreak. She lead him around the scene which included the infamous 8 BBS and to other people such as Larry Kelly. Some of the memorable phreak boards he was on included 8 BBS, MOM, OSUNY, The Private 414 Board (as in THE 414's), Blottoland, The Connection, L.O.D., Plovernet, Pirate 80, Sherwood Forest I, II, and III, WOPR, IROC, Pirate Trek, Pirate's I/O, Datanet, Stalag 13, A.I. Labs, and Hell Phrozen Over. He gives credit for his phreak knowledge to Susan Thunder and the people that she put him in touch with.

Tuc's work is as a computer and communications security freelance consultant. He's done lots of programming in basic for the TRS-80, and assembly language for the IBM 370.

Tuc does hack and phreak, but with his employer's consent. Tuc attends the TAP meetings in New York occasionally, but in the past he was a regular. He's attended all Phreak-Con's, he was an assistant editor of the original TAP, and was a pioneer in the phreak world before blue boxing and Alliance Teleconferencing was common knowledge. Besides that, he was the one on West 57th Street labeled "Scott Jeffrey Ellentuch". He was hard to find on that particular program.

Tuc has been involved with various groups in his lifetime including (in the order that he joined them) The Warelords, The Knights of Shadow, Apple Mafia, and, at the same time as Apple Mafia, Fargo 4A.


his handle was taken from his childhood years in school when teachers and others would mispronounce his name and he would correct them with "TUCK!"