Brigadier General Momma Bear

Niki7a, Nikita

IRL Name: 
Nikita Caine Kronenberg

There were rumors suggesting that Nikita was actually the first scene whore in existence, but those have since been squashed.
Seriously though she is one of the toughest working people at defcon; as she is the person to organize all the speeches & speakers.

Superpowers: Getting speakers selected, organized and to the show with minimal loss to life or frontal lobe damage to all those involved. Appearing sober when it counts. Finding DT. Making "it" work. Never smelling like a goon, despite the odds. Can find a 3x black t-shirt and sell it in under 60 seconds.
Best Con Moment: "The schedule is finished, done, final, for real this time."
Worst Con Moment: "Can you change the schedule to___"
Favorite Con event: Seeing Grifter's immaculate & masculine head of man hair.
Introduced by: The Dark Tangent
Involved since: DEF CON 10, Official goon since 13?
Contact: Nikita [at] defcon ]dot[ org

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