Dissect || PE Malware Analysis Project


IRL Name: 
Rodrigo Branco

Rodrigo Branco is the founder and responsible for the Dissect || PE Malware Analysis Project. He used to work as the Director of Vulnerability & Malware Research at Qualys. Previously, as the Chief Security Research at Check Point he founded the Vulnerability Discovery Team (VDT) and released dozens of vulnerabilities in many important software. In 2011 he was honored as one of the top contributors to Adobe Vulnerabilities in the past 12 months. He is the maintainer of the StMichael/StJude projects (www.sf.net/projects/stjude), the developer of the CMorphism (www.kernelhacking.com/rodrigo) and has talks at the most important security-related events in Brazil (H2HC, SSI, CNASI).

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