(_>Shadow Hawk 1<_)

IRL Name: 

He began his venture into the IT world on an Atari 800 system and eventually moved on to an Atari ST 1040. His first ventures into the IT underground were on systems that had already been compromised and usually lost to savvy sysadmins.

His ventures into preaking brought him in to contact with many of notoriety including but only a few by name: The Prophet, The Serpent, The Warrior, and others.

He has done txt files and had parts in some books on phreaking but no real escapades on any grand scale. He claims that his forte was with computers.

He was busted for an overly zealous attack on AT&T computer networks, making unprotected calls from his home phone, and trying to steal some, then current, UNIX source.

He was last working towards math/modeling/nonlinear dynamics.

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