The Analyzer

IRL Name: 
Ehud Tenenbaum

An Israeli hacker originally from Hod HaSharon. He would first gain notoriety at the age of 19 for his arrest in 1998 by the FBI for accessing unclassified computer systems being used by NASA, The Pentagon, and the Knesset (The legislative branch of the Israeli government.) as a part of a group known as the 'Israeli Internet Underground.' He would receive one year of probation, a two year suspended prison sentence which would have been enforced if he committed another computer crime in the 3 year duration, and an $18,000 fine. After this he would start working as a computer security consultant for various Israeli companies.

In September 2008, he was arrested by Canadian authorities in Montreal along with for 6 counts of Credit Card fraud. The charges originate from him hacking into the computer system of a Calgary financial institution, inflating the value of several pre-paid debit cards, and withdrawing approximately 1.7 million dollars from the cards from various countries. Two out of the three Canadians suspected of aiding his efforts have been cleared of all charges, with his girlfriend still being charged with aiding him in his crimes. Tenenbaum was released on $30,000 bail, but in October 2008 a New York grand jury indicted him on charges of conspiracy and fraud. As of February 2009 he is sought by the US for extradition to face these charges.

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