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Cernăianu Manole-Răzvan

Cernăianu Manole Răzva a.k.a TinKode is a Romanian IT student and a hacker known for accessing and pwning high profile systems like NASA and Pentagon. He is also known posting his very own proof of exploits online like Exploit-DB and Packet Storm Security. On January 31, 2012 TinKode was placed under arrest by the Romanian authority DIICOT (Anti organised crime and terrorism institution) with the help of the FBI and NASA, under the charge that he temporarily blocked the information systems of the US Army, Pentagon and NASA.


TinKode's motto: Lazy but smart | WhiteHat.

TinKode also previously claimed credit for an attack against the Web site for Britain's Royal Navy.

He also claims to have found vulnerabilities in organizations including SUN Microsystems, MySQL, ESET Kaspersky Portugal, the US Army, Youtube, Google, etc.

Co-Founder of CSD (Cyber Smart Defence) : www.cybersmartdefence.com


Overhyped hacker

Submits low hanging fruits at Bugcrowd