Tobias Klein

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Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein is a German Security Adventist and bug hunter who likes to publish his own security advisories, writings, tools and research projects in his website at He works at NESO Security Labs. He is also known for publishing Information Security books like 'A Bug Hunter's Diary' , 'Aus dem Tagebuch eines Bughunters', 'Buffer Overflows und Format-String-Schwachstellen', and 'Linux-Sicherheit'. His tool '' is featured here in SoldierX under the Tools Section. is a tool for quickly surveying the mitigation technologies in use by processes on a Linux system. The script also lists the status of various Linux kernel protection mechanisms.


Coded ScoopyNG, a VMware detection tool

Coded SSL Key/Cert Finder, a tool used for extracting RSA private keys and certificates from process memory.

Developer of Rootkit Profiler, an advanced kernel rootkit detection toolkit which is free but not open source.

Coded pd, a process dumper

Coded MMP, a memory parser