Vasily Gorshkov

IRL Name: 
Vasily Gorshkov

Vasily Gorshkov is a programmer from Chelyabinsk, Russia who along with fellow Russian Alexey Ivanov were convicted on 20 counts of conspiracy, fraud and related computer crimes. Gorshkov was also ordered to pay restitution of nearly $700,000 for losses he caused to Speakeasy Network of Seattle, and the online credit card payment company PayPal.


During a 'job interview' Vasily Gorshkov showed his exploits and 'confessed' all his crimes and showed a lot of what he could do. FBI taped everything and then used the video material as the major argument in the indictment.

After the arrest Vasily Gorshkov stayed in Seattle, and Aleksey Ivanov was sent to Connecticut to testify in the investigation of the crime committed against the company Online Information Bureau.

Sentenced to three years in jail.

Returned to Russia after his pawnage.