Viet Quoc Nguyen

IRL Name: 
Viet Quoc Nguyen

Viet Quoc Nguyen is wanted for allegedly hacking into at least eight E-Mail Service Providers (ESPs) and stealing confidential information, including proprietary marketing data containing over one billion e-mail addresses. The ESPs were located all over the United States, including two based in the Northern District of Georgia. The massive data breach occurred between approximately February of 2009 and June of 2012. During that time, Nguyen allegedly hacked into the ESPs' computer databases and used his unauthorized access to launch spam attacks on tens of millions of e-mail recipients who had their addresses stolen. Additionally, Nguyen also allegedly entered into an arrangement that allowed him to generate revenue from his computer hacks by receiving a commission on sales generated from Internet traffic that he directed to websites promoting specific products.


A federal arrest warrant for Nguyen was issued on October 3, 2012, in the United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, after a federal grand jury indicted him and he was charged with wire fraud conspiracy for the computer intrusion.


He is hacking in the name of Viet Cong.