Wesley McGrew

IRL Name: 
Robert Wesley McGrew

Robert Wesley McGrew is a Mississippi computer-security researcher who discovered screenshots of the HVAC access online which was done by GhostExodus of the Electronik Tribulation Army and then tipped off the FBI. After the arrest of GhostExodus, Wesley McGrew was harassed (cyber bullied) by the three members of the Electronik Tribulation Army which according to him, "they set up website in my name to pose as me, and put up embarrassing content or things they thought would embarrass me, including a call-to-action to buy sex toys, and fake pornographic images". He also suffered DDoS attacks to his website, and threatening e-mails, phone calls and IMs, according to the FBI.


He is a National Forensics Trainer at Mississippi State University.

He is the author of the security, forensic and pentesting tools; msramdmp, NBNSpoof, Travesty, and GooSweep/YaSweep.

He is the metasploit module author of Web Search Scanner.

He has spoken at Defcon.

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