Wizard of Arpanet, The Hacker, The Priest

IRL Name: 

Wizard of Arpanet started as an average BBS caller who discovered Central Processing Unit (a local board to him), and discovered numbers on the board that turned out to be Sprint dial-ups. The CPU Sysop informed him of what to do and he started calling national BBSs. Boards that helped him to advance include the Twilight Zone, OSUNY, Dragon's Lair, and Delta BBS. Wizard organized various groups which included (from earliest to most recent): PHA (Phreakers and Hackers of America) - (included Deep Throat, Phreak King, and Psycho Killer), The Inner Circle (1st one) (included Shockwave Rider, and Satan Knight aka Redrum), and The 2nd Inner Circle (included The Cracker, Mr. America, Napoleon Bonapart, Stainless Steal Rat, Big Brother, Mr. Xerox, Bootleg, Maxwell Wilke, Mandrake The Magician, and Zaphod Beeblebrox).

Eric got the number to Arpanet from Dark Dante, and got on the MIT Research System from looking through TAC News. One night he got like 50-60 accounts on the Unix and changed all of the passwords to WIZARD.


It is believed that Wizard of ARPAnet was busted by John Maxfield.