IRL Name: 
Amir Etemadieh

Amir Etemadieh, also known as "Zenofex", founded the GTVHacker group. Amir is a regular speaker at the monthly local hacker meetup "AHA" and has been working on the GTVHacker project from its initial start in November 2010. Amir has done independent security research in consumer electronics including the Logitech Revue, Ooma Telo and services such as the 4G Clear Network. Amir enjoys hunting down flaws using both hardware-based and software-based approach with the belief that often times hardware flaws are more commonly overlooked.

GTVHacker's primary goal is to bypass hardware and software restrictions to allow for custom roms and unsigned firmwares to be loaded and used. As of today we have been the only group to produce working exploits on both of the Sony GoogleTV units and the Logitech Revue.


Area of expertise: Hardware Reversing, Exploit development, Software Development

Amir founded "Exploitee.rs" which is a public research group and has released exploits for over 45 devices including the Amazon FireTV, Roku Media Player and the Google Chromecast.

He has spoken at a number of security conferences including DEF CON, B-Sides Austin, and InfoSec Southwest.