IRL Name: 
Taylor Huddleston

Taylor Huddleston aka aeonhack is an active forum member of where he marketed his very own NanoCore RAT. Despite his RaT's copy protection abilities — denizens of Hackforums were able to pirate copies of NanoCore and spread it far and wide in malware and phishing campaigns. Eventually, Huddleston said he grew weary of all the drama and sold both programs to another Hackforums member, using the $60,000 or so in proceeds to move out of the rusty trailer he and his girlfriend shared and buy a house in a low-income corner of Hot Springs, Arkansas.


Huddleston routinely used his Net Seal program to revoke the software licenses for customers who boasted online about using his NanoCore RAT illegally.

Sentenced in federal prison on charges of Aiding and Abetting Computer Intrusions or Attempted Intrusions.