epinna, Emilio

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Emilio is an Italian programmer and coder who is one of the contributors of BackBox Linux. He finished his Computer Engineering degree from the Politecnico di Torino. He is currently working as an embedded Linux developer in the automotive industry. He is the owner of disse.cting.org which is a blog about information and computer security.


Coded Weevely which is a stealth PHP web shell that simulate telnet-like connection.

Coded Wilocate which is a wireless detector tool capable to geolocalize your current position and the wifi networks around.

Coded WebEnum which is a HTTP fuzzer, bruteforcer, resource enumerator, SQLi tool.

Coded UnusedPkg which is a diagnostic tool to find unused packages in your Linux system sorted by idle time.

Wrote Stegosip which allocates a point-to-point IP tunnel between two hosts, hiding traffic into SIP/RTP protocol with LSB/LACK steganographic methods and is currently under heavy development.