impeldown is a Filipinoprogrammer who loves to code penetration testing tools and scanners. He is one of the contributors and writers of The ProjectX Blog and all his posts are the tools he coded from scratch. He loves to hang out in the underground depths of DALnet and Undernet IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Servers.


Coded TCPkiller which kills specified in-progress TCP connections in Windows.

Coded bruteforce tools for MSSQL, Samba daemon, and PostgreSQL.

Code mailD – Enumeration Tool which is used for gathering and harvesting emails.

Coded Script Hex Dump – Forensic Tool which parse contents of your script e.g. PHP scripts and automatically convert it as hex value, some pentesters use this method to test for possible sql injection vulnerability in a website.

Coded Winenumshare – Samba Network Scanning Tool.

Coded power5hell.aspx – Power shell for


Currently studying the behavior of botnets and coding a botnet from scratch.