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Jonathan Cran

Jonathan Cran is an experienced technical infosec professional and the CTO of Pwnie Express, who is from Austin, Texas. Previously he built and ran the quality assurance program for Rapid7's Metasploit products. He focused on automated testing, bug smashing and release engineering. He started out with R7 as a penetration tester, and moved through the company as the assessment team lead, and later into the Metasploit group to lead and grow the QA program.


Former developer and network administrator at Iowa State University

Coded OMGEasyMon - Simple host / service monitoring tool.

Developer of the EAR Project - Recon framework in Rails which was re-written in Rails3.

Started the db_funner - a db-centric interface to metasploit.

Developer of Metabot, an easy-to-use framework for IRC bots that give you control over common security apps (metasploit, nexpose, etc).