IRL Name: 
Rafal Wojtczuk

Rafal Wojtczuk specializes primarily in kernel and virtualization security. Over the years he has disclosed many security vulnerabilities in popular operating system kernels (Linux®, SELinux, *BSD, Windows™), virtualization software (Xen®, VMWare® and Microsoft® virtualization products), and low-level system technologies (Intel TXT, Intel AMT, Intel BIOS). He is also well known for his articles on advanced exploitation techniques, including novel methods for exploiting buffer overflows in partially randomized address space environments. Rafal holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from University of Warsaw.


Left ITL in 2011

Has OMG low-level kernel skillz

He was employed by McAfee in a research team responsible for Intrushield NIPS development.

Wrote "The advanced return-into-lib(c) exploits" article in Phrack 58


The color of his hat is not so white.