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IRL Name: 
Indranil Banerjee

Indranil Banerjee is one of the co-founders of OpenFire Technologies. He is interested in reverse engineering, exploit development, malware analysis and mitigating vulnerabilities at OpenFire Research Labs. His work and investigation on several cases landed him working with Kolkata Police and CID-west Bengal and IB (Inteligence Burue) of India. A part of His research on SCADA Security Assessment was published in some security magazines.


Risk assessment and mitigation process is his wing of choice and is good at ASM, C and low level languages.

He is the one who stopped the India-Pakistan Cyber war diplomatically as well as motivating both hackers of those countries to research on the field of infosec throwing the defacing drama from both sides.


It is believed that he is the person behind the screen of Doxing "LuckY"- The IndiShell founder and "Shad00w8" - Notorius hacker from Pakistan.

There is a rumor that he is a man who has a full end military training.