IRL Name: 
Matthew Phillips

Matthew Phillips was born in Wales on February 5, 1985. On the Christmas of 1995, he received his 1st Desktop computer pre-installed with Windows 95 which is a Gateway 2000. This very computer changed his life after constantly breaking the family PC and fixing it. He realized that computing was just his thing and felt that he had been able to be good at something at such a young age. But so much for his life story, this guy was the developer of GnackTrack which used to be the Gnome version of BackTrack 4 (but not part of the project of the BackTrack Linux Team) and an initiative he started because there were a lot of pentesters who preferred Gnome than KDE. With the release of BackTrack 5, he stopped developing GnackTrack because BT5 had already a Gnome DE. He is now using BackTrack v5 Gnome for penetration testing. Because he found out that BackTrack5 have many missing tools that he used in GnackTrack, he developed script in order to add the missing programs and convert BackTrack into a bleeding edge distro. His script fixes BackTrack 5 installation and adds more open source penetration testing tools. The tools / packages will be installed / converted to svn installs. He also maintains a blog at which has cool tutorials, videos, cheat sheets, and his projects focused on penetration testing, Linux, Open Source, hacking and security.


Additional tools that the script will install includes wifite (mass WEP/WPA cracker), RDP client, netwox, netsed, calculator, ssh-keys, missing drivers, arp-scan, gnomeVNC server, UbuntuFirewall, p7zip, cisco-decrypt tool for pcf encrypted passwords, tiger, creepy, and many more to mention.

Coded which is a pen testing script designed for BackTrack5 (although it can be used for other distributions) that automates information gathering and scanning phases by allowing these options: arpscan, nmap, amap, sslscan, gnome web photo, snmpscans, snmpget, and nbtscan.