pipacs, PaX Team


Pipacs is an Hungarian hacker and the creator of PaX. Before working on PaX he has worked on a Windows based HIPS, with some of his friends.
Eventually they all dropped out, and pipacs continued his work for the Linux platform as the only member of the "PaX Team".
PaX was first released in 2000, for free.

He has lost his interest in computer security but has been into computers since the early 80's.
He started with Z-80 assembly, and moved on through amiga (m68k) to x86 assembly.

Currently dedicates most of his time to grsecurity/PaX.


Hated PC (x86) architecture initially.

Wrote his own turbo loader for the ZX Spectrum.

Received Lifetime Achievement Award Pwnie in 2011 for creating PaX, giving birth to ASLR, impacting all modern operating systems, and, last but not least, for patching an mp3 player and a tetris clone into softIce.


Obtained the source code of SoftICE either through reverse engineering or other methods.