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IRL Name: 
Darren Martyn

People who know Mr Martyn describe him as a quiet, shy, highly intelligent man who has always had an interest in computers. He has been honoured with awards in the past for his science and technology skills at Calasanctius College, where he completed his Leaving Certificate two years ago. His mother Lisa works in the Claregalway Naíonra and his father, Anthony, is a mechanic. They were described by locals yesterday as a “lovely, decent family”.

All posts were deleted from Mr Martyn’s ‘wall’ on social networking site Facebook on Tuesday night but his lists of activities remain, including ‘Hacking Computers’, ‘Ethical Hacking’ and ‘Lock Picking’. He lists as his employers, ‘Resident Pirate’ at Nyan Cat. There are also pictures uploaded on his Facebook page, apparently showing how to intercept emails and hack websites.

He is reported to have taken to the internet Tuesday night to say he was a “reformed hacker” and that he was “bloody frightened” by the FBI investigation.

The indictment makes accusations that hacking group members:
* Compromised an FBI computer.
* Hacked US security firms HBGary Inc and its affiliate HBGary Federal, and stole confidential data relating to thousands of user accounts.
* Stole confidential data relating to more than 70,000 potential contestants on The X Factor, a Fox television show.
* Attacked the website of US network PBS and stole personal information of 2,000 employees and other individuals before making the information public.


In the 24 page FBI indictment faced two counts of computer hacking conspiracy, which carries a maximum term of 10 years for each.

Alleged by the FBI to be a member of ‘LulzSec


A local chapter leader of the Open Web Application Security Project