(sic) a hacker at r00t-y0u.org
known for hacking a police computer and sql databased and defacing r00t-y0u.org after it was used for a sting operation due to the admin getting arrested.

The AFP has identified a person whom [sic] has attempted to access the stand-alone computer system and we are currently working with our law enforcement partners regarding this matter," the spokeswoman said.

SIC appears to have been provoked by a message published on the r00t-y0u.org site by the federal police, warning members they were under surveillance and that "all member IP addresses have been logged", with some arrests having already been made.

In two provocative messages published on anonymous document-sharing site pastebin.com, the SIC slammed the federal police for "making it sound like they can bust 'hackers', when all they have done is busted a COUPLE script kiddies". "Script kiddies" is hacker parlance for novice hackers.

The second of these messages contained several links to screenshots allegedly proving that the writer had access to the federal police's server.

These included shots of files containing fake IDs and stolen credit card numbers, as well as the federal police's server information.

The SIC then defaced the r00t-y0u.org website with the same message it had posted on the anonymous document-sharing site.


hacked a police computer

defaced r00t-y0u.org