IRL Name: 
Jeanson James Ancheta

Ancheta was the first person to be arrested by FBI agents for running a botnet as a part of 'Operation Bot Roast' in November 2005. On May 9th, 2006 he pleaded guilty to 4 felony charges under United States Code Section 1030: Fraud and Related Activity in Connection with Computers and was sentenced to 5 years in prison, forfeiture of a 1993 BMW and more than $58,000 in profit. In addition he was ordered to pay restitution of $15,000 to the US Federal Government for infecting military computers.


Dropped out of high school in 2001.

According to his parents, he wanted to join the Military Reserves.

At one point, worked at an Internet Cafe.

An immigrant from the Philippines who attended Downey High but left with a high school equivalency certificate


Dropped out of High School due to Assburgers.

Is delusional to the point where he tried to go Super Sayian when he saw the Feds. Of course, he failed miserably.