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Rob Pike

Rob Pike is a Canadian software engineer and author. He is best known for his work at Bell Labs, where he was a member of the Unix team and was involved in the creation of the Plan 9 from Bell Labs and Inferno operating systems, as well as the Limbo programming language. He also co-developed the Blit graphical terminal for Unix; before that he wrote the first window system for Unix in 1981. Pike is the sole inventor named in AT&T's US patent 4,555,775 or "backing store patent" that is part of the X graphic system protocol and one of the first software patents.


One of the authors of Go programming language.

He has written many text editors like sam and acme which are the most well known and are still in active use and development.

Co-author of The Practice of Programming and The Unix Programming Environment.

Co-creator of UTF-8 with Ken Thompson.