IRL Name: 
Richard Robinson

schiz0id (Richard Robinson) is the owner and maintainer of The site is intended as a joke. was launched on June 16, 2007 in order to trick people into thinking that they were learning how to hack computer network and websites (and it has worked pretty well). It quickly gained popularity and was receiving a substantial number of hits. It was down from early January 2008 to April 1st 2008 due to a hardware failure. schiz0id signed up for web hosting, and now the site is building up traffic once again.

The entire site was made to make fun of the idiot kid who schiz0id was like when he was 12. He always wanted to "learn to hack," and it took him like a year to learn that it wasn't anything like that. Yet, everyone like that at the time had their stupid Angelfire account with a black background and lime green text who thought they were Neo from the Matrix since they could "program" in HTML.


Not really a hacker

Actually ended up getting a job in computers


Hacked the gibson

Goes around to popular hacking sites posting his "article" about hacking myspace accounts

Getting mailbombed for being the "world's greatest hacker"