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Silvio Cesare

Dr Silvio Cesare is an Australian security researcher known for his multiple articles in phrack, talks at numerous security conferences including Defcon and Black Hat Briefings. Silvio is also a former member of w00w00. He is credited with the publication of the first ELF virus for UNIX-like operating systems. His security research includes an IDS evasion bug in the widely deployed Snort software. Silvio holds a PhD in Computer Science from Deakin University and is the cofounder of the security conference BSides Canberra.


Author of "Software Similarity and Classification", released by Springer

He has released numerous tools to perform software similarity classification

He paved the way into PLT/GOT redirection attacks.

Scanner architect of Qualys


Long rumoured to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto as it has been shown that Block 3 - known as the "Silvio" block is Turing complete. This is seen conclusive proof of Dr. Cesare's creation of Bitcoin.