sysmon, jisas cries

IRL Name: 
Edgardo Silvano Jr.

Edgardo Silvano Jr. a.k.a sysmon or jisas cries is a well known carder, social engineer, and self-proclaimed hacker from Las Piñas, Philippines. His name is also mistakenly known as Eduardo but the accurate one is Edgardo. sysmon was a member of an underground group in the Philippines which is "Oneball" then he separated from the group and established his own IRC channel "" in DALNet server. He claims that he is the number 1 hacker in Asia because he has a lot of root access to well known servers like Santrex, NVITA,,, Forcesp, etc. Owns which was intended for pentesters and exploiters because he allows users to login the SSH server and try root the box. So far only Kont was able to root his box. But now contains pictures of naked girls and that logging in to the host through port 22 is already blocked. In fact, a guy named mavir posted the logs of in pastebin during its root to own days :

sysmon used to write about his hack escapades in but he took it down (dunno why).


He social engineers admins who offer shell access and sniffs them so that he may be able to have root access.

sysmon earned a lot of money because of carding. (See pictures below)

Claims he is a hacker but haven't released his own exploit yet.

He was charged with violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act and the Access Devices Regulation Act in 2016.

Caught again 2024


Suffered under Pontius Pilate.

Named his son Jack Daniels.

Sent to jail in Hong Kong for nmapping HSBC in HK but got out after a year.

Impregnated a wife (MILF) of a wealthy Chinese in Hong Kong.

Got out of jail in the Philippines