th3j35t3r is a hacktivist known for his successful take downs of websites like Jihadi recruiting websites, WikiLeaks, 4chan, the Westboro Baptist Church, the hacker collectives Anonymous and LulzSec, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and a PsyOps hack of Libyan online newspaper where he inserted articles describing soldiers loyal to the regime defecting in droves. He uses a DoS tool he created which he called XerXes. He likes to tweet "TANGO DOWN" on Twitter whenever he successfully takes down a website (or takes credit for one that went down for reasons unrelated to him).


Most people consider him a script kiddie and an attention whore.

He said that he was a former soldier and had served in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Jester does not attack websites to steal and reveal user logins, personal information, credit card numbers or other data that compromises others and creates collateral damage.

He said that he began coding at the age of 10 because he was ”thirsty for knowledge about how computers worked, and fascinated by the fact that just a guy and a keyboard might make a difference to something.”

He doxed Sabu but got all the information wrong and apologized for it.

He never packeted LulzSec’s Server.


The Jester knows he's been doxed by Smedley Manning in their DM:

He once targeted after hearing Obama's father was a Muslim

He has a tool dubbed "Saladin" that permanently takes a site down (Until they restore from backups) - This was brutally exposed when SanguineRose discovered that all the sites hit by Saladin had just had their domain registrations expire

Named Thomas Ryan AKA Tom Ryan ( from the Greater New York City Area.