u4ea is one of the members of h4g1s (Hackers Against Geeks in Snowsuits), the group that hacked the National Aeronautics & Space Administration website in the year 1997 which started a private little cyber war between h4g1s members; tr0ut and u4ea against Jay Dyson, a whitehat who works for NASA. tr0ut and u4ea also hacked two Internet service providers to fuck up Jay Dyson by cracking his home business and harassing his wife which in turn costs his marriage. h4g1s has also breached Yahoo and propeller-head sites Slashdot and Rootshell. Each time, it engaged in a little nanny-nanny-boo-boo and made demands for the release of a jailed hacker hero, Kevin Mitnick. When h4g1s cracked the Greenpeace, it posted a warning: "Phree Kevin Mitnick or we will club 600 baby seals."


One of the supporters of the "Free Kevin Mitnick Campaign"


Jay Dyson knows his identity.

u4ea is now known as Tricia Black and identifies as a female.