IRL Name: 
Hendrik Adrian

Hendrik Adrian a.k.a unixfreaxjp in Twitter was immensely involved in a malware analysis group known as MalwareMustDie, to suppress the growth of malware distribution in web. Hendrix's group is known for their deep analysis and disclosure of new threats, some achievements i.e. the disclosure of Darkleech Rogue Apache Modules, detection of CookieBomb threat, and Rogue 302-Redirection & Cushion attack, 300+ botnet source codes, full disclosure of Kelihos botnet actors, and stopping the PowerLocker ransomeware. His team is dedicated for its Tango Down achievement which shutting down of: more than 36,000 malware domains, and assisting arrest to some cyber crime groups like “RU:8080 Cridex” credential stealer, and several actor's ID.


He has pwned a lot of bot herders, CnC's and skiddies

An active speaker in the reversing & security conferences like BotConf, AV Tokyo, DefCon Japan.