IRL Name: 
Bernd Ulmann

Dr. Bernd Ulmann was born on July 19, 1970 in Ulm, Germany. He studied mathematics (and philosophy) at the University of Mainz and finished with a diploma thesis about bitstream encryption and pseudo randomnumber generators. He also completed his Ph.D. thesis about analog computing early in 2009 and had his disputation on July, 9th, 2009. His collection of (mostly electronic) analog computers can be seen at He loves old digital computers, especially machines of the PDP11 and VAX series of which he have many models and is into collecting computing instruments and computers which has led to a rather big collection of machines occupying about 500 square meters.


He offerred free access to which is a VAX 7000/820 (and thus a two processor VAX) running OpenVMS 7.2.

Also known as VAXMAN but there are 2 VAXMANs, one is another OpenVMS geek who hangs out in so I think we should not just call him VAXMAN.

Loves developing electronic devices like seismometers, high voltage power supplies for lasers, signal generators etc. and has cool projects in this page:

A True hardware hacker

His name was mentioned during a presentation about "Hacking OpenVMS" during DEFCON 16.