IRL Name: 
Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer

Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer a.k.a weev is an American computer security guy and a self-proclaimed Internet troll whose computer security group, Goatse Security, was responsible for the incident in 2010 where millions of iPad users' email addresses were scraped from poorly-secured AT&T servers. Auernheimer claimed responsibility for the disruption to Amazon's services in April 2009 when many books on gay issues were reclassified as pornography. Hoewever, Amazon claimed that Auernheimer was not responsible for the incident.


He was a prominent member of the Gay Nigger Association of America (GNAA) trolling organization.

His "iProphet" videos, a series of humorous sermons on YouTube, got him a lot of attention and are a continuing part of his legacy.

He is indicted on two charges, USC 1030 “Conspiracy to access a computer device without authorization” in furtherance of a violation of a New Jersey state statute.

Australian media commentator Emma Jane has characterized him as a "celebrity hacktivist".


Weev is a Christian, and knows more about the Bible than you ever will.