z3r0kul is a retired underground hacker and the website administrator of the infamous 4 o’clock project (inactive) and a dedicated member of an underground group in the Philippines which is Asianpride (also inactive). This guy is into coding penetration testing tools and bruteforce tools. The 4 o'Clock Project is a collaboration of freelance hackers, system administrators, Computer Security enthusiasts, programmers, etc. that are committed to encourage public awareness in security and safe computing through information dissemination and the spread of free knowledge, the website also contains old defaced notifications and archived of websites that were defaced.


The automatic scanners and tools that he coded include; Transcender System Key BruteForcer, Mass Socket Analyzer, Solaris /bin/login mismanagement exploit perl script, Internet Protocol Address Range Generator, Automated Banner Grabber, etc.

Loves to customize cracks.

Got his handle from his favorite movie "Hackers".


Left the underground scene and worked with whitehat shits.