IRL Name: 
Neel Mehta

Accredited for finding numerous vulnerabilities for IBM Internet Security Systems; while working on their team code named XFORCE. He is now a Google Engineer.

Examples of vulnerabilities worked on: (either by himself or with his group):
Found Heap based buffer overflow of Common Management Agent
ClamAV Library Remote Heap Overflows Security Advisory
Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities in BIND4 and BIND8

Most famous for his skills with Reverse Engineering, finding the Heartbleed bug and binary source code auditing.


Earned a cool $15,000 reward for his discovery of the Heartbleed bug; instead of pocketing it, he went ahead and donated the whole prize to a Freedom of the Press Foundation

Helped write "The Shellcoder's Handbook".

Spoke at Blackhat 2007 regarding "Breaking C++ Applications" alongside Mark Dowd and John McDonald.


Bed buddies with McAfee.

Likes poetry/riddles.

Leaks ISS info to TESO and people willing to buy it.

Has been owned many times and has had all of his code and info leaked.