2009 Tutorial Contest and Holiday Releases Over

Our holiday releases are finally over after neotek posted his release. The tutorial contest ended on 01-01-2010 and the high council is currently voting on the various submitted tutorials. I am actually very disappointed in the turn out of the tutorial contest, I guess that a hacked modem/free admission to Defcon 18 weren't considered very good prizes to most of our members. There were actually some good forum topics that could have qualified as tutorials (such as MRI from USB), but none of those members ever submitted them to me via email as a tutorial.

The voting will be made up of 50% high council and 50% poll voting. That's right, we're going to let the members of our community decide 50% of the vote for who wins the tutorial contest. I will get the poll posted shortly so that everybody can start voting. It will run for a period of 2 weeks and then a winner will be announced. Thanks to everybody that submitted tutorials! Information on the 2010 Tutorial contest will be posted soon.