2010 Tutorial Contest Extended!

Due to only having two security related tutorials (and the low number of entries), we are extending the 2010 Tutorial Contest until February 28, 2011. We will also be including all of the 2010 tutorials from SX crew members as part of the competition (we have done this in the past, but decided to not do it for the 2010 competition to make things more interesting - unfortunately it did not work). Please send your tutorials ASAP to rat@soldierx.com. Please see http://www.soldierx.com/Tutorial-Contest-2010 for more information.

We have decided for the hard work that zkoolkyle put into his tutorial on iPhone Game Hacking, we will be sending him a SOLDIERX Shirt regardless if he places in the competition or not. Thanks for all your hard work zkoolkyle, we hope to see more tutorials from you soon!