Amp Divorax Found Dead From Music Game "Speed Balling"

As many of you know, Amp has been a huge fan of music games for a very long time (see this and this). Most of the crew knew something was wrong when Amp was still keeping gamer hours (6pm-6am), but nobody expected it to lead to this. At approximately 10:00am EST today, Amp was found dead in his apartment. The cause of death was a move the music gaming community refers to as "speed balling". No, not mixing heroine and cocaine - but rather mixing masturbation and music games. The game of choice is believed to be DDR, but there was a beat mania controller nearby as well - so police are still investigating the matter. Let this be a warning to all parents to keep a close lookout for a combination of music games and hentai.

Edit: We received a message from the person who found Amp dead today. They are clearly shaken by this ordeal and have wished to remain anonymous.

"Today I was supposed to meet Amp to finish work on some code. When I stopped by his apartment, I saw his door was cracked open and he was on the ground lifeless. Recently, he was withdrawing more, but still was more than willing to work with other people. We could tell something was wrong, but we didn't know that he had these issues. I'm very shaken by what happened as he had so much potential and its all essentially been thrown away. Today, I lost a great team player and a friend as his vices finally caught up with him."