A Call For More Tutorials

Recently, RaT brought it to my attention that in the past year we have not received very many unique tutorials. To me, this is one of the a rather unfortunate development cause I personally considered that part of the site to be a good example of the mantra that 'Nobody Can Stop Information Insemination.' In addition, a large number of the tutorials is information that from what I have seen is already widely available such as overclocking hardware. The second development in particular has older members of this community such as myself very disappointed.

It was due in part to this, and VERY recent developments in the PSP homebrew community I opted to write a New tutorial that enables homebrew capabilities on the PSP-Go and PSPs that use version 6.20 of the official firmware. The decision to write this was completely on the fly as a new version of TN HEN was released last night which fixed a bug with PSP-3000s so it would work on all PSP models. If people can install actual custom firmware or use the ChickHEN mod with version 5.03, this is not necessary. For those who cannot do either one though, this tutorial should be a good read.

The reality is that this is a matter the community as a whole should address, rather than just the SX crew. Tutorials are an opportunity to show something unique to viewers that they may not know. They also can help somebody become a part of the crew if they wish to be. The reality is though that if this matter doesn't improve, the Tutorial Contest may not continue which was created as one of several ways to help give back to the community.

Update: Holy crap there have been quite a few developments in PSP development. Yesterday, a Homebrew Enabler was released by Virtuous Flame and Coldbird for firmware versions 6.31 and 6.35 of the PSP. (If I am not mistaken, 6.35 is the newest official firmware currently.) Once stability on this HEN reaches a good level, I will be posting a tutorial for using this homebrew enabler as it does use some different methods than the HEN developed by Total_Noob for 6.20. I will mention once again though that these methods are not necessary if the PSP in question can already run homebrew.