DECAF hacked and re-enabled by SX

Happy holidays everybody! As part one of our holiday releases, we have hacked and re-enabled the popular DECAF tool that was mentioned in our previous news post. We were in full support of the application until we learned that it phoned home and that it could be remotely disabled by the authors. Unfortunately they decided to disable it a few days ago on account of Jesus. The original message can be viewed here. We have hacked it so that it no longer phones home and it no longer can be disabled.

The hacked release is available on piratebay, you can find the link on our forums. The authors of DECAF are now stating that they are working on v2 - but due to their past shadiness everybody should be weary of their future releases (at least inspect the binaries before you run them). Keep in mind that the original version of DECAF phones home to whenever it finds COFEE running. I urge all people wanting to use DECAF to run our version to protect against this invasion of privacy.

We will be having more public and private releases for the holidays, so please keep checking back to the site!