Defcon 16 Results

It looks like Defcon 16 went really well. Blake, devDelay, and bitemytaco gave the speech on modified cable modems without the help of Durandal. Due to his lack of participation, he is now removed from the position of Vice President. His current position is just a regular member who helps with recruiting since his main activity seems to be talking to people. Origin is now our current VP (which was agreed on by the current members in case Durandal didn't make the speech). We still sponsored the speech and sent out free SOLDIERX swag for the people who attended. The speech was so full that they had close the doors and stop any more people from entering. It's really a shame that many people had to miss the speech because of how full it was. The left over shirts from Defcon 16 will be sold online soon for the base cost of $15. Originally we were only going to sell to members for the base cost of $15 and then sell to everybody else for $20, but I've decided in the spirit of SOLDIERX we should sell them for base to everybody. This does not include shipping, but that should generally only be about $5 for anywhere in the USA.

I've asked Blake to setup an account and post a blog about Defcon for all of us. Watch for that in the near future.