Durandal Spotted Trying to Pick Up Kids Dressed as Pickle Surprise

Yesterday afternoon, children at a mall in Ohio where shocked to find that instead of the Easter Bunny - they found a man dressed as the pickle from the now infamous Pickle Surprise video (directed by Tom Rubnitz) was waiting for them. For a ten minute period, the individual, who has since been identified as Durandal, did nothing but yell "Pickle Surprise" and "HAI2U" at the children. He was also offering "free candy" before he fled the facility once mall security arrived. When asked about the incident, mall-goer Chad Newsom stated that, "I had no clue what was going on and thought it had something to do with Adult Swim." Currently, no charges are planned on being filed as despite the disturbing event that took place, no children were abducted thanks to mall security. A photo was captured of Durandal in his getup, which can be seen below:

If you happen to see him in your area, please contact the local authorities.