FEDWatch and MILWatch, 2013 and Beyond

Earlier in the year, we released FEDWatch and MILWatch 2013 publicly. These are lists of .gov and .mil visitors to our site. We don't prevent .gov or .mil from visiting our site, but we've typically done our best to keep track of what they're doing. As of today, the 2013 lists (FEDWatch and MILWatch) are complete. On account of a large mining effort coming from Chinese Unicom (hello PLA), we've moved the 2014 lists to the VIP area. We will be doing the 2014 lists per month, to give our VIP users a better idea of when various government linked organizations accessed our site. If you have VIP, please check out the first round (Jan 2014) at FEDWatch and MILWatch.