HDB Curator Position Open Again

Once again, we are looking for a curator for our Hacker Database (HDB). Last opening - Alien51, georGEO, and jip all applied. We found that jip would be better suited working towards the group in exploit development. Alien51 and georGEO failed to meet the requirements for the position. If you do not have time to dedicate to this position, please don't apply. The duties include making sure all of the information in the HDB is up to date as well as creating new entries as information becomes available. While SOLDIERX currently has the largest HDB on the internet (rumored to only be rivaled by the FBI's hacker database), our HDB has not been updated enough lately. No hacking experience is required but all interested parties should have strong written English skills as well as enough technical ability to search and compile information for HDB entries. Curator will receive a free SX shirt as well as free VIP for the duration of the position. All interested parties should contact RaT immediately.