Kyle Barnthouse (Durandal) is a Snitch

I am writing this news post because various people have emailed me about my stance on the Kyle Barnthouse (Durandal) ordeal. As many members of SOLDIERX know, we have went out of our way to protect Kyle in many situations where he was in the wrong. In some of these cases, he even put other members in danger due to his love of illicit photos of minors. I had heard many accusations in the past, but I never believed them until I heard the audio recordings and then talked to former friends of Kyle who confirmed that he was a snitch, pedophile and a sociopath. As far as the source who gave me the files, I do not know who they are. It came from an anonymous email address (via hushmail) that claimed to be from Kevin Mitnick. The worst part about the recordings is that Durandal is trying to throw people under the bus that did not even do anything wrong. In one person's case, he is trying to convince the agent that the individual hacked/fixed their discharge from the military and he has the paperwork to prove it. I can only guess that his intentions were to falsify documents in an attempt to save his own ass.

After the files were posted by Amp, many others came forward with incidents revolving around Durandal. It turns out that he was one of the main people responsible for our friend Conundrum's incarceration. Conundrum and Kyle (Durandal) were arrested together, and Kyle rolled on him. He snitched him out and Conundrum spent over a year in prison because of it. This is disgusting and I am sorry to say that Durandal was ever a member of SOLDIERX.

What do you say to people when something like this happens? How do you get people to trust your decisions again? All I can say is that I chose the wrong guy and I am sorry for that. We are working hard to minimize the damages that Durandal has caused. We have cut off his access to everything and we are searching for information leaks. SOLDIERX is working to restore the group that protects its own against opposing forces. The group that many people remember, the group that once destroyed a hard drive in order to protect a member, is being rebuilt.

When I last spoke to Durandal he apologized over and over. He really didn't have anything to say other than that he didn't want to go to prison. In the end, all he really turned out to be was a snitch and an Internet Tough Guy - and he'll have to live with that. We will not be leaking his personal information like he did to some of the members of SOLDIERX. We will not be slandering his name like he did to cisc0ninja and others. We are just cutting him off from everything and letting him live with his decisions. Eventually he will get what's coming to him, we don't need to assist with that.

If you happen to have questions about the whole thing or have additional information to submit to us, please send an email/AIM/MSN message to [email protected]

I apologize again for my error in judgment to have appointed Durandal to a position of power. SOLDIERX is going to vote as a group from now on, rather than having me make the key decisions. Thank you, and goodnight.

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